Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blog Revival

Blog revival time! Haven't used this one in a while - to be specific, not since I visited my internet friends in Ontario. Since I'm doing that exact same thing this time again, it seems a fitting time to revive the blog!

So, I'm in Toronto to meet up with Kaitlyn and, for reasons that are beyond me, climb the CN Tower.

Grabbed a plane from Regina this morning. Got to the airport much too early. Wasn't checking any luggage, so just had to go through security once I got there. Reading my blog from my last Ontario trip, it seems I spent my airport time watching the coverage of the Benazir Butto assassination. This time I spent my time watching the coverage of the sentencing of Russell Williams - former Canadian Military officer. When big events are going on in the world, such as the recent Chilean mine rescue, I really just want to stay home from work and watch the news all day.

Anyway, flight arrived on time and boarding was quick. I'm brilliant when it comes to seat selection. I found a row where someone had taken the aisle seat, but the other two were free. So, logically, that's a single person travelling alone. I took the window seat there b/c anyone would pick the middle seat absolutely last. And lo and behold - nobody took that seat! Extra room!

Got myself to Toronto and found my ride into the city. I just booked a shuttle bus that took me to a drop off point near my B&B. Riding in on the bus, the CN Tower kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And I'm thinking, "Oh my god, what am I getting myself into!?" That thing is HUGE!! We don't have things that big in Saskatchewan! Not even near!! Anyway, thank god there are no windows, so I can just climb and forget how high I'm getting, haha.

Finally got to my dropoff location and started walking to my B&B. Now, I can't say this is the nicest neighbourhood I've ever seen. I don't know that there are any "nice" neighbourhoods here in the way I'd classify a nice neighbourhood in Regina. Those are probably out in the suburbs somewhere. I'm sure there's suburbs around here. Are there suburbs around here? Anyway, I did make a joke to my mom about how I could have stayed in a hotel above a strip club. Well, turns out that strip club is just a few blocks away and is actually closer to downtown than this place! That gives you an idea of the neighbourhood.

I have to say my first impression of Toronto is that it's a lot like NYC. And I didn't like NYC. So, we'll see how this goes.

Finally found my B&B. As usual, pictures make it look nicer. It's definitely a character home. A new experience for me for sure! I think it'll be a bit more fun once Kaitlyn gets here! Anyway, once morning hits, I'm off to go be a tourist, so I won't spend all my time here anyway! And the guy who runs the place is really nice. Anyway, it's only for 4 nights so it'll be ok. The internet works great and everybody seems to have a great review for the place!

Anyway, I'll leave it at that for now. I'm going to grab all these pamphlets and plan a few sightseeing things tomorrow. Here's some pictures for now though!

Vanity in my room:

Another view of my room:

Cool lamp in my room:

Partner lamp:

View from the airplane over some cool clouds:

Sunday, December 30, 2007


We must have spilled SOMETHING with sugar.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Actual Typing!

OK, so here's the trip so far!

First, I get up crazy early (8am...why do people get up then!!!??) so that I can get a bit of shopping that I quickly needed done. So, I run with my car, and then return the rental car. So, I get that returned by 9:30, so then go home to get packed and get ready to go. I manage to pack everything in one suitcase!! Yay!! New Air Canada luggage! Yay! (Thanks Mom and Dad!).

Get to the airport at about 11:30, flight boards at 12:40. So, get all checked in - it's a lot easier with WestJet than Northwest was. Then I grab some food. Showed up early, so that I could get food. Then go through security, which is just pathetic in Saskatoon.

So, I'm waiting for my flight, watching the news about the assassination of Bhutto. Our flight is delayed 7 minutes. Then 17 minutes...then 30 minutes. We end up leaving about 2ish, instead of at 1. So, I got to spend some extra time in the Saskatoon airport. So, we take off, head to Winnipeg. We land in Winnipeg, and have a short break there to get more passengers and stuff. So, I just stay on the plane. They sprayed some weird stuff on the wings because there was ice they wanted to get rid of.

Then we head off to Pearson airport. We fly over a bunch of random weird water (picture in previous saw it, you know you did). Then we head over Lake Superior and the other one...I don't know which one, the pilot didn't name it and I don't know my Great Lakes geography very well. Anyway, we head just diagonally over them. It's a bit disconcerting to fly over water.

So, get to Pearson. It's big, but not really any more than Minneapolis was, so I'm not too freaked out. Wait for my luggage while texting people to let them know I'm alive. Someone TAKES my luggage, and I see him, and I'm eyeing him from across the luggage carousel. Fortunately a few minutes later, the girl with him comes up and lets him know that he has the wrong one...which was obvious because even I could see from across the luggage thing that it was clearly MY business card on it. Sheesh people!! Read the luggage tags!! That's what they're there for.

Head on out, find Kaitlyn and Mike. Fortunately am able to recognize them on sight :P Mike is much taller than I expected. So, we head to Mike's vehicle and make a ridiculously long drive back to his place.

His place is really nice. So are his parents. :) So, all is well. We stay up drinking and pillaging until I'm basically passed out. Then I wake myself enough to exchange presents. I've got both a birthday present (only a BIT late) and Christmas presents. I got an ENTIRE box of candy necklaces. Seriously, an entire box. Shoebox. My teeth are going to hate me. She also got me, "Create a Commie." Where I can move the hair around on a face to make my favourite communist! Also, got some mittens and some bath thingies from Lush. Super nice!! Yay!!

Then I went to sleep, and now here I am!

Ze First Pictures

Well, I've survived my first night, and haven't yet been killed by people from the internet. Here are some pics from the trip so far!!

Random weird water in western Ontario.

Lake Superior! My first look at a Great Lake.

The lights of Toronto as we flew in. Flying in was scary by the way. It was dark, and we were above the clouds and then when we were heading down into the clouds, it was like we were in NOTHING. It was freaky.

Tequila shots.

Reaction to the tequila shots. That stuff is NASTY!

The lovely Jemisica. Or Mike as his parents call him.

Captain Isabellgrace!

Oh, apparently I've stuck a random picture of Manitoba in here!! With some cool, low cloud cover.

The lovely Lady Qymburleigh. Didn't meet me at the airport...PSH!

Kaitlyn wearing one of her Christmas presents from me.

Kaitlyn checking out the magazine I was trying to sell her.

And Mike definitely has TWO giant screens. More than he needs, that's for sure.

Hmmm, that's all so far. Bumming around the house today, but plans are that tomorrow we shall go places and do things!!!

Good Lord I'm a Nerd

I travel 2 provinces away to drunken pillage, just like I do back home in Saskatoon.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Adventure #2 - Internet Tubes

Well, it's time for my second adventure of the year.

This time I'm staying in the country, visiting Ontario for the first time.

You all knew it would happen, and it has. I'm off meeting people from the INTERNET. My friends, Jemisica, Isabellgrace, and Qymburleigh - or as they are known in the real world, Mike, Kaitlyn, and Chris.

Now, don't worry. I've only been molested twice, and I assure you, I enjoyed it both times.

Anyway, I'll be updating as time goes on.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Home!!


Now I'm going to bed.

Night all!